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Social Commitment

Sustainable Cities

At InterEnergy, we encourage the cities we serve to be increasingly inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

As a socially responsible electric company, our commitment to sustainability extends to fostering the development of eco-friendly and resilient urban environments.

We actively collaborate with municipalities to promote sustainable cities that prioritize energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance overall quality of life. By investing in smart grids, energy-efficient infrastructure, and clean transportation solutions, we contribute to the creation of urban spaces that are environmentally conscious and technologically advanced. Our initiatives also involve community engagement programs to raise awareness about sustainable living practices, encouraging residents to adopt energy-efficient technologies and reduce their ecological footprint. Through these efforts, we aspire to play a pivotal role in shaping cities that harmonize economic growth with environmental responsibility, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and vibrant future for urban communities.

Responsible consumption: We empower the community to be amplifiers of good habits, through campaigns and educational talks on topics such as reducing electrical risks, promoting the efficient use of energy, duties and rights of customers, culture of legality, care and protection of services public, among other topics; with the aim of raising awareness about the sustainable use of energy.

Data of interest: Thanks to these efforts, our customers have managed to minimize their electricity consumption by up to 20%.

Safe homes: We develop social initiatives with the aim of promoting home security. We identify families in vulnerable conditions to analyze the state of their homes and work on restructuring the electrical network to optimal conditions, to guarantee the absolute safety of that home.

Data of interest: More than 500 families benefited from the structuring of safe electrical networks.

Electric mobility: InterEnergy promotes electric mobility in the country as part of its commitment to sustainability and the environment, and as an effective way to fight climate change. As a first step, we are in the process of changing our fleet to 100% electric vehicles.

Data of interest: 1st. Latin American company to subscribe to The Climate Group’s EV100. +50% of our vehicle fleet is electric.

Preservation of culture: InterEnergy sponsors activities of social interest, including sporting, cultural and ecological events in the area, responding to one of the goals of SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, on redoubling efforts to protect and safeguard cultural and natural heritage of the societies.