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Smart Cities

Smart Metering

Smart Metering is one of the key systems of the Smart Cities of the future. Smart Metering is based on the use of Smart Meters or remote meters, which collect information on energy use and send it safely to the service center or operations and control center of the Smart Grid.

InterEnergy’s Smart Metering services can also be used for water meters, gas meters and other services.

Smart Meter readings give both the consumer and the operator certain advantages. The consumer knows how much energy he is consuming in real time and can decide to control his consumption. And the operator, thanks to the digital light meter, can register, cancel, cut, reconnect, control power and change tariffs. All this without the need for an operator to visit the home in person.

Technology that makes life more sustainable
At InterEnergy, we have been pioneers in introducing this technology in the Dominican Republic, in order to analyze, diagnose, measure and distribute household and business energy consumption in a more effective and efficient way, and at the same time optimizing our commercial operations and offering a product portfolio based on the needs and profiles of our customers.

How is a Smart Meter different from a traditional one?
It provides updated and detailed information on the energy consumption of your home or business, identifying the time and place of highest consumption. Additionally, it records and notifies irregularities that normally need the support of a technician to detect them.