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Smart Cities

Smart Grid

A smart grid is an electricity network that uses digital and other advanced technologies to monitor and manage the energy from all types of generation sources to meet the varying electricity demands of end users. Smart grids co-ordinate the needs and capabilities of all generators, grid operators, end users and electricity market stakeholders to operate all parts of the system as efficiently as possible, minimizing costs and environmental impacts while maximizing system reliability, resilience, flexibility and stability.

Smart Grid incorporates, compared to traditional networks, the digital technology necessary for fluid communication. All of this information is used to process billing, to register the quality of the sector’s service, and it allows customers to in real time access the data from the virtual office or app. This enables customers tomake efficient use of their energy, as well as conduct private energy audits evaluating their consumption patterns of the previous days and months.

At Interenergy we are convinced that it is an unprecedented opportunity to move the energy industry into a new era of reliability, availability, and efficiency that will contribute to our economic and environmental health. That is why our subsidiary CEPM in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic has established the first and only smart grid in the country allowing customers to manage their electric consumption in real time. CEPM is the only utility in Dominican Republic to have all its customers with smart meters.