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Electric Mobility

Electric mobility EV charging stations

Evergo is the most advanced and sophisticated platform for electric vehicle charging stations in the Latin America. Evergo’s mission is to create a network that allows you to get where you want to go, in a sustainable and reliable way, while moving towards a more responsible future for the environment.

In the Dominican Republic, we have 500+ charging stations so far — the most advanced of their kind — so that our customers can charge their vehicles quickly and be on their way, considerably improving the experience. Our customers can travel long distances without worries, because Evergo has a charging station just a few minutes away, in cities and on the main roads of the country. Evergo knows that convenient access and ease of use are essential when considering an electric vehicle. That’s why Evergo has partnered with some of the world’s leading companies to have an EV charging station near you.

In Panama we launched at the end of 2020 and now we’re expanding to Jamaica and other countries in Latin America. In the Latin America there is exponential growth in electric vehicles. For example, in mid-2018, fewer than 50 electric vehicles were registered in the Dominican Republic, and by early 2021, the number had already exceeded 2,500 units. An unprecedented growth.

Evergo is the first and only company in the Latin America to be certified under the OCA (Open Charge Alliance), which allows us to develop our own applications based on this industry-standard protocol. Evergo began operations in the Dominican Republic, then in Panama, and we are continuing our expansion throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.


We are promoting the first global interconnection of electric mobility networks, first with the United States, so that any Evergo client can use any of the OCA certified third-party networks, affiliated with our platform. This means our Evergo customers will be able to use the application they know and love at the tens of thousands of charging stations worldwide.

1000 +
Charging Stations

Our goal is to have 1,000 charging stations in our network by the end of 2021 in the Dominican Republic, Panama and Jamaica, 30% of which will be DC Level 3 Fast Chargers.