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Green Recovery

Committed to the ‘Green Recovery’ as a way to economic and employment recovery.

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, numerous voices from all areas of society advocate taking advantage of the recovery to promote the transition towards a new socio-economic model: one that is climate neutral, resilient, sustainable and inclusive. This is what is known as Green Recovery, a vision to which the InterEnergy Group is fully committed and the horizon towards which we have been working for more than three decades.

We are convinced that cleaner air quality, healthier water, effective waste management, clean energies and enhanced biodiversity protection not only reduce the vulnerability of communities to pandemics and improve resilience, but also have the potential to boost economic activity, generate income, create jobs, and reduce inequalities.

Investing in green measures is the best way to recover faster from the impact of the COVID-19. At InterEnergy we’re investing in renewable energy, digitization, big data and electric mobility to promote economic and employment recovery. In the Dominican Republic, we’re expanding our renewable energy parks with the acquisition a GEDOM and we’re expanding into Uruguay with the acquisition a new wind park. In the e-mobility sector, we’re deploying the most advanced and sophisticated platform of charging stations for electric vehicles in the Dominican Republic, Panama and Jamaica.