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Efficient and saving

Thermal Energy

Thermal division of Interenergy Systems (IES) offers the services of sanitary hot water, chilled water, steam and thermal oil to customers. Its major goal is to support our clients in the entire process; therefore, we had adopted the ESCO business model to carry out energy services without the clients having to invest their own capital for equipment into the projects, neither for operation and maintenance (O&M). This way our clients can dedicate their efforts to their core businesses.

Our portfolio of services includes the evaluation, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of thermal energy generation stations. We handle all aspects of the project, from engineering, procurement, installation to O&M.

Chilled Water

Chilled water is usually produced by chilled water generators called chillers. Typically supplied through pipe system to air handling units from where the cool air that is distributed through the building. Whether for use in industrial applications or air conditioning, Chilled Water Systems are an important part of the operations of our customers.

These services are characterized by high investment, elevated technical expertise and depend on the responsiveness of manufacturers to failures.

In that sense, Interenergy Systems Thermal Energy division, provide trained and qualified staff to respond to any requirement, in addition to having direct contact with the manufacturers of the most prestigious brands of chilled water generators(chillers) that exist in the market, such as Carrier, York and Trane. With this, we ensure rapid response to contingencies, which contributes to the tranquility of our customers.

Sanitary Hot Water

The hot water supply plays an important role in the operations of our industrial customers. Generally, used in the kitchen, pools, cleaning, bathing and space heating. That’s why we offer a stable, continuous and cost effective hot sanitary water supply. We rely on brands and work with our clients to achieve maximum system efficiency, reducing the cost of hot water supply.

Thermal Oil/Steam

Generally used in laundries and some industrial services, steam generation and thermal oil is associated with intensive operations, elevated costs of chemical and oil replacement, as well as with high technical expertise.


  • Start of operation: 2004

  • Chilled Water

  • Hot Water

  • Thermal Oil / Steam

  • Thermal Energy Main Customers: 28,000 hotel rooms receive our thermal solutions

  • Support 24/7: Thermal Operational Center (TOC)