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  • Generation: Mixed (gas, solar, wind and HFO)

  • Start of operation: 1992

  • Installed capacity: 315MW

  • Location: Punta Cana, Bávaro, Macao, Uvero Alto and Miches, Dominican Republic

CEPM is a standalone electric utility, generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. It is the country’s highest credit-rated local electric company (AAA by Fitch). CEPM operates under a long-term definitive concession agreement with the National Energy Commission.

It serves the rapidly growing hotel and resort areas of Punta Cana, Bávaro, Macao, Uvero Alto and Miches in the East; the Senator (formerly RIU) hotel complex in Puerto Plata in the north; the Bahia Principe hotel in Samaná in the north-east; and Bayahíbe and La Romana in the South-East of the island with an available installed capacity of 315 MW. It supplies energy solutions and reliable complementary services, promoting sustainable development in the areas of influence.

CEPM was originally established by Rolando Gonzalez Bunster and his partners in 1992 to provide 2MW of power to the Fiesta Hotel in Bávaro. In 2011, CEPM developed and commissioned Quilvio Cabrera (8.25MW), the Dominican Republic’s first wind farm.

CEPM understand the importance of electricity in the development process of cities and towns, which is why CEPM works 24 hours a day to supply a first-class electricity service. Through 1,800 kilometers of high, medium, and low voltage transmission lines, the company provides energy to 65% of the national tourism sector – over 55,000 rooms – and to more than 55,000 residential and business customers. During the last two decades it has become the main promoter of growth and development in the region.

In 2022, CEPM begun to take the necessary steps to transform its overall generation to 100% renewable energy during this decade with its CEPM Zero program. Through the use of renewable energies such as wind and solar energy, storage systems such as batteries and reservoirs, as well as the use of green hydrogen it is intended to reach 20% penetration of renewable energies in the CEPM matrix by the end of 2023, 60% by the end of 2026, and reach 100% by the end of the decade. This program will contribute to turning its concession area into a world-class 100% green destination. This ambitious endeavor involves an estimated investment of USD$1 billion.

One of the first steps taken in this regard has been the expansion of the FV3 and FV4 photovoltaic parks, with a nominal power base of 100 MW, both located in Bávaro.

CEPM’s core hotel customers are a captive client base and have enabled it to successfully roll out a range of ancillary services:

Transmission: CEPM built the island’s first privately-owned transmission line in 2008, which connects CEPM to the Sultana del Este power barge in San Pedro de Macorís (125km). An Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) of 48 fibers was built into the transmission infrastructure which allows CEPM to supply telecommunication services.

District Energy Services: Waste heat is recovered from CEPM’s engine exhaust gases and used to produce superheated hot water that is distributed via a closed-loop circuit pipeline to nearby hotels. This is then passed through absorption chillers and is transformed into chilled and hot water supply for the hotels.

Thermal Energy Services: CEPM offers customers an efficient supply of sanitary hot water, steam, thermal oil and chilled water. Its portfolio of services includes the evaluation, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of thermal energy generation stations at the customer’s location.

Cable TV, Internet and fixed Telephony Services: CEPM owns 80% of Servicios TV Satelite, S.R.L. (“MCR”), a telecoms company in Bávaro that supplies pay TV, internet and fix telephony through its fiber network and telecoms license under the Activa brand. MCR leverages CEPM’s existing infrastructure to offer its digital services to hotels and residential customers in the area.

Prepaid service and smart metering: CEPM is the only electricity distribution company where 100% of its customers are managed through remote metering allowing it customers to see in real-time its energy consumption and migrate from pre-paid to pos-paid contracts easily.

Electric mobility: CEPM promotes electric mobility in the country as part of its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly processes, and as an effective way to fight climate change. We promote and lead the transition towards sustainable mobility and promote the electrification of the transportation sector.

Our goal is for our fleet to be 100% electricity-based by 2023.